Reading Licensure Renewal

Online Licensure Renewal Courses

State Required Reading Courses to Renew Your Professional Certification

CUAA offers both the Elementary and the Secondary 3-credit Reading courses with  appropriate field experiences in the diagnosis and remediation of reading disabilities and differentiation of instruction.

The elementary course (EDU 540) focuses on the assessment and remediation of reading disabilities and appropriate instructional intervention strategies for elementary teachers. Content will include: English language learning screening, visual and auditory discrimination tools, language expression and processing screening, phonemics, phonics, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension, spelling and writing assessment tools, and instructional strategies.

The secondary course (EDU 545) focuses on assessment and instructional strategies for students struggling with reading and writing in secondary classrooms. Teachers will learn “best practices” in literacy instruction and will assess students through multiple perspectives including interest inventories, learning styles, English Language learning, visual and auditory discrimination, sight word vocabulary, and fluency. Reading comprehension and the significance of a learner’s prior knowledge in the understanding of content area reading will be addressed as well as writing assessments.

Program Features and Benefits

  • Both courses offered in a convenient eight-week online format.
  • 25% discount to school teachers/administrators working in a Christian school